Chyna Chuan-Farrell has been in the entertainment business for over 30 years.  She started as an assistant at ICM Partners and worked her way up to a Concert Agent and eventually worked in the corporate/private division.  She started her own business, during a 6 year break from ICM, Chyna Entertainment & Design, creating and producing events. She discovered a new passion after photographing a friend’s wedding which brought her back to the entertainment business. 

Chyna went back to ICM, and continued to work in the Corporate/Private division.  Reconnecting with clients, buyer and negotiating deals for Jay Leno, Boyz II Men, Howie Mandel and the list goes on. 

Years of experience with negotiating talent for Adult Contemporary, Urban, Comedy and Speaker clients. Tailoring deals to specific clients, she brings forth her expertise from ICM and headed to APA as Sr. VP of the Private/Corporate Department.  Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, she was suspended mid-year. Chyna continues to book private/corporate dates on her own and photographing, capturing moments of events, portraits and families. 

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