Ginger Gilmour is an artist with a particular vision. This vision has emerged from her life experience and the influence of many great teachers. She has had a very close training in the development of her creativity with the renown painter, Cecil Collins and his wife, Elizabeth Collins. The seed of this vision grew out of the integration of her eighteen years of marriage with Pink Floyd guitarist, David Gilmour~ the raising of their four children and the inner longing to express her own creativity. Now what once was a seed flowers within her life, within her paintings and within her sculptures.

For Ginger, creativity is never solely concerned with creating a form to be observed but is an interactive experience based upon the depths of one’s nature and its relationship to the world around us. She feels very strongly that we are more than what is visible~ that there lies innate within each of us such Beauty our eyes and heart has yet to Behold.

Over the years she has created artwork for many charities. To name a few she donated and was on the fund raising committee for the Red Cross. In addtion, she was one of eight artists for Lloyds TSB ‘Art of Sport’ commissioned to raise funds for the Paralympic and young British Athletes for the London Olympics. In addition, her sculpture ‘Flame of the Spirit’ was exhibited for three years in Terminal 5 @ Heathrow Airport leading up to the Olympics.

Most of all, for both the artist and the viewer, her work represents a journey of return to the Joy of Living. With each sculpture she explores the question of how much form is necessary to reflect this process~how much space~how much rhythm. Primarily, her work is all about the sacred within our relationships~the relationship with ourselves, our neighbour and mother nature. Her vision is summarised in a quote from Rumi,

“Let the Beauty that we are, Be the Beauty that we do!”

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