Originally from the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, Jon Lee Brody once had aspirations to be a professional athlete. However, a knee injury during his college years at the University of Illinois derailed those aspirations. Add on top of that a failed engagement, Jon was feeling the need for a chance. Instead of going to law school, he took a year off from school. During that year off he rediscovered his passion for creating and then made the bold decision to move to Los Angeles. Since then Jon has worked in front of and behind the camera in various facets. From being in a Star Trek and Fast and Furious movie to directing Macaulay Culkin to creating a gaming channel with Freddie Prinze Jr, his career has been a variety platter of sorts. He hopes to continue this momentum but also dedicate more time to another passion of his. And also spend as much time as possible with his dog Shelby.

(side note: Jon Lee Brody is NOT the guy from Crazy Rich Asians)

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